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Louder than Life and Twice as Funny
Now at the Calgary Fringe

About Susan

She is a two-time Just for Laughs award-winning New York solo performer, playwright and character specialist.

Featuring strong female protagonists who overcome life’s obstacles, Susan gives voice to untold stories.

Her shows have been produced all over the USA and Canada including La Mama ETC, Here Arts Center, Dixon Place, (NYC) and The Centaur Theater (Montreal)

She’s been featured in festivals such as Montreal’s Just For Laughs, Charleston’s Piccolo Spoleto Festival, Dublin’s Gay Theater Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, and Vancouver’s Comedy Festival.

In addition to plays, Susan is the author of short comedic essays which can be found in various publications.

Susan Jeremy

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Dates for Solo Shows 2020

Robert Will Show You the Door (tales of being fired)

Susan accidently became a teacher after years of stand-up and being fired from every survival job. Laugh out loud as she relives the humiliation.
Showcase Production in New York of brand new show
The Pit Loft
Saturday March 7, 2020 at 7 PM
154 W. 29th St.2nd floor New York, N.Y.

Winnipeg Fringe Summer 2020 WECC
Theatre on Ellice Ave.
Edmonton Fringe Summer 2020

Susan also does Comedy!

When Susan is not touring her one woman shows she is developing new characters and doing stand up in local comedy clubs and performance venues in NYC. (Stand-up and characters)

< Susan will be performing on a fundraiser show for a friend in need of medical help- with Michele Balan and Elaine Boosler> at Gotham Comedy Club Tuesday Oct 1, 2019- 7Pm > br

Susan Jeremy's Solo Shows

In addition to stand-up comedy, comedic essays, Mistress of Ceremonies, and Wedding Officiant, Susan has six one-woman shows in which she plays a variety of characters to tell important stories.

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She Was A Great Dad

She Was A Great Dad


Susan tansforms into numerous characters in this Jazz fueled tale of love and secrecy. It's 1950, and Lucille follows her dream of becoming a successful jazz musician in the only way possible at the time, as a man. He marries a burlesque dancer and adopts a son all in an era before gender fluidity and awareness for such individuals.


* This powerful tale is Inspired by the life of Billy Tipton

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< br> "Brilliantly Written Sript! "Susan Jeremy will have you laughing, crying and reassessing where your own gender predudice hides"- Vue Weekly
"Susan Jeremy seemlessly portrays the entire cast, a stunning performance" -Edmonton Journal
" Theatrical Dynamite!"- Calgary Herald
" A Fascinating Tale!"- Global News

Teacher in the House


For a teacher of home bound students in New York City, the show unfolds like a television crime series with true accounts of both touching and comical urban tales of survival. From teaching a 7th grade health class (can you say penis?) to overcoming a life-threatening illness, the protagonist is drawn to and inspired by teaching children who can't attend school: Ryan, a 7 year old with ADD; Rebecca, who’s waiting for a new kidney, and Angela, a paralyzed teen with a huge smile. Jeremy flawlessly plays over twelve characters in this powerful tale that has audiences both deeply moved and doubled over in laughter.

Running time 48 minutes

"A funny, emotive and biographical one-woman play... Laughter, lots of laughter."-The Charleston Post and Courier see the full review

“Susan Jeremy tackles heavy hitting topics like cancer and disabilities in a stunning performance that had the audience doubled over with laughter”- Edmonton Sun


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ps 69

PS 69


(A Teacher Grows in Brooklyn)

Susan Jeremy's award winning 24-character tour-de-force about a Brooklyn substitute teacher who finds love and chaos in an elementary school. Jeremy effortlessly portrays all the characters from hip hop kids to embittered teachers to pushy parents. This fast-paced, hilarious show has wowed audiences from New York to Montreal to Scotland to Toronto and back. It is the winner of the Best production and Best Comedy of the Montreal Fringe. This show has toured extensively from USA to Europe. It was nominated for a Fringe First Award when it was featured at The Gilded Balloon in the Edinburgh Fringe.

What the critics have said:

"Louder than Life and Twice as Funny"- The Globe and Mail

"A Teacher's Ground Zero"- Boston Globe

" Funny and Flawless from beginning to end"- Montreal Mirror

*Directed by Mary Fulham

**Written by Susan Jeremy and Mary Fulham

***Sound design Tim Shellenbaum

Running time 60 minutes- no intermission


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cowboy Ron

Brazil Nuts


This comedy is about gay marriage and immigrant rights written BEFORE gay marriage was federally recognized in the United States.

A lesbian couple -- one a Brazilian samba dancer, the other an American dog walker -- seek a husband to stay in the country legally. All three get drop-kicked into the Bermuda triangle of U.S. Immigration. It follows the experiences of Fabiana, a Brazilian and die-hard soccer fan who has over-stayed her student visa; Jackie, her girlfriend who works as a dog-walker, office temp, and cater-waiter when she's not writing her thesis on Third World Atrocities Today (T.W.A.T.); and Ron, Fabiana's well-endowed go-go boy husband -- a decent guy for a complete narcissist.

Running time 55 minutes- no intermission

What the critics have said:

“The length the trio goes to trick U.S. immigration is mostly funny due to Jeremy’s exceptional comic chops and how she effortlessly plays the colourful members of her ménage a trois.” Winnipeg Free Press

“Hilarious, Moments of Absurd Joy" Toronto Eye

"Beautiful! A stand out of the 2009 theatre season." Montreal Mirror

“The best sportsgasm moment on stage I’ve ever seen!” Calgary Herald


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walking in reverse

Moving in Reverse


Long Island has been referred to as the most segregated suburb in the country. This story focuses on three separate stories of women living on the island ranging in age from 17-80. One affluent, privileged and white, one troubled and Latina and one elderly and unaware of the lack of diversity around her. When the three meet at a posh Hampton’s party their class differences are made apparent. In the style of the film, Crash, this plays seeks to convey and embrace differences.

This show premiered at the Montreal Fringe in 2005 and the review from the Montreal Hour said

"Moving in Reverse (5/5) 5 out of 5 stars"

"Directed by Mary Fulham. Written by Fulham and Susan Jeremy. Performed by Jeremy. This dark comedy traces the lives of three women – a celebrity publicist, a troubled teen and a gambler/hoarder in her golden years – as they spiral toward an unexpected meeting at a posh party in Long Island. Jeremy’s brilliant, protean acting style drives a script that is not only funny, but also a poignant look at the class system in American culture. One of the most talked-about entries in this year’s Fringe, this play answers the high expectations with unforgettable characters, spot-on direction and a sensitivity that grows more acute with each roaring laugh. Moving in Reverse finds beauty, purpose and humour in the chaos of a cruel world. (BH) "


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15 minutes

Was That My 15 Minutes?


Winner- Best Comedy Montreal Fringe

Susan’s first solo show, an autobiography 20 years in the making. It chronicles her quest for fame in the footsteps of her mambo dancing father Frankie Lawrence, from growing up in an Italian household in NY’s long Island to performing on stages in Las Vegas. Filled with a colorful cast of relatives from her mobster Uncle to her poker playing mom. The story starts and ends on a movie set where Susan found her fame working as a stunt driver with her 1983 Dodge. Look for her car beside Harrison Ford in Devils Own or Bruce Willis' Die Hard.

“Looking like Madonna’s little sister, Susan Jeremy works the stage with spot on comic timing” – Montreal Gazette

“Jeremy is a comic powerhouse”- Montreal Sun


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